After 19 successful years in Closter, Ayfer Salon services have merged with Salon Pavel.
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Ayfer, thank you for always reminding me that true beauty comes from within...I always leave your salon feeling inspired by your wise words...and of course a totally fantastic hair cut!  You've save me from days of negative thoughts and crazy at home hair color... I'll do my best to leave the creativity up to you in 2010... 

 Love, Tiffany

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Message from Emme

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I definitely won't review every place I go to but I must review this salon for several reasons.  This is a really good salon located on the second level of a building in downtown Closter.  I never knew it existed until my friend recommended I go there to have my eyebrows threaded.  Another friend recommended their facials as well.  Eyebrow threading, for those who don't know, is a much better way to shape the eyebrows, especially if you have sensitive skin and dislike waxing.  For eyebrow threading, I would definitely recommend Birsen.  I've been going to her twice a month for over a year now, and she has completely changed my face for the better because she is like a surgeon with a piece of thread.  My eyebrows are naturally uneven so it takes a real pro to do them well.  I also use her for facials, as she is extremely thorough.  It's really worth every penny.  I've had my hair cut at this salon by the owner, Ayfer, only once, but she did an amazing job as well.  I'll really miss this place because I moved but when I do visit, I'll make sure to stop in and visit Birsen!  She's only there on Saturdays from 10 AM to 6 PM and is usually booked, so call ahead for an appointment with her. 

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Salon Pavel, 8 Washington Street, Tenafly, NJ 07670
To schedule an appointment please call:
Ayfer at 201-768-0383
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